Current Road Conditions

11/5/2018 7:35:27 AM  -  The ban on the ANC road has been lifted effective Monday Nov 5th, 2018. Thank you for your patience.
10/30/2018 3:52:04 PM  -  A 12-hour ban (10am to 10pm) will be implemented on the ANC Haul Road (Berland Resource Road) and all other ANC roads starting at 10am on Thursday Nov 1/18. If you must use ANC roads during the banned hours, please obtain a permit using the Road Bans: Request Road Permit button. If you have a 2018 permit to the surface location you are accessing, you can re-use that permit number. Please see the attachment for more details. Thank you.
2018_12 hour ban notice_Nov.pdf
10/24/2018 4:50:50 PM  -  PLEASE drive accordingly to the road conditions, slow down if need be! The speed limits are 80km/hr during ideal conditions and 30km/hr passing or meeting a grader.
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