Current Road Conditions

6/28/2017 11:59:59 AM  -  The road is extremely wet. Use of the road is permitted under DRY &/OR FROZEN conditions only. Please do not use the road during wet conditions.
6/26/2017 8:30:34 AM  -  Mulching along the road from km 102 to km129 will begin Wednesday June 28/17. Please slow down and watch for flying debris. Gravelling and road repairs are also continuing so please slow down and watch for workers and equipment on the road. Thank you for your cooperation to ensure everyone gets home safely!!!
6/21/2017 11:47:14 AM  -  ANC's Road ban will be lifted effective 8am Thursday June 22/17. Please note that major repairs on the Berland Road (ANC Haul Road) will be ongoing over the next several weeks. Please ensure to obey speed signs, drive appropriately to the road conditions and watch for & SLOW DOWN when passing workers and graders. Dry/frozen still remains the conditions to use the road freely. Use during wet periods will be subject to additional charges. Thank you.
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